Sheffield Insight Meditation has offered retreats and meditation groups since 2006. We are linked to the Vipassana (Insight) movement that began in the Theravada (South East Asian) schools of Buddhism in the early 20th century, and sought to reconnect with the teachings of early Buddhism.

Our regular groups and practice days are peer-led, and our retreats are led by teachers associated with Gaia House Retreat Centre in Devon. These are reputable, trained, highly experienced teachers who commit to a Code of Ethics.

We welcome all, irrespective of religious or political beliefs, race, ethnicity, gender, social background, age, sexual orientation or disability. We do not seek to convert others or to discriminate against those who hold differing views. Our retreats and groups are open to anyone aged 18 and over, irrespective of means. We offer a Retreatant Support Fund and reduced fees for 18 – 25 year olds. Our events are organised by a team of volunteers and we warmly welcome all contributions of time and service, however small.

Although many of us practice at Gaia House, some of us also practice in traditions such as Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, Quakerism, and the secular mindfulness approach. Some of us consider ourselves ‘Buddhists’, some not. We aim to offer a practical and accessible opportunity to develop and directly experience freedom, compassion and wisdom, in ways that take account of our psychology and embodiment as human beings. You do not need to have any particular beliefs or think of yourself as a Buddhist to attend our events.

As a Sangha (community of practitioners) we are committed to building and supporting community, through developing our understanding and practice of ethical living, interconnection, compassion for ourselves, others and the world we live in. As part of compassionate action we seek to engage with the challenge of climate change, and the many forms of social and economic injustice. We seek to support each other in rooting the Dharma (teachings of the Buddhist tradition) in our daily lives, in ways that are accessible and relevant for the 21st century, and are for the benefit of all.

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