Keeping company with the beautiful

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New year retreat with Metta (Irene Wulff, formerly Sister Metta)

Thusday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th December 2017

10am (register from 9.15am) to 5pm on all days

Quaker Meeting House, Sheffield city centre


Bookings now closed

Further information about the retreat

The Buddha said, when asked by Ven. Ananda, ‘Spiritual friendship is all of the holy life.’ Here he was talking of both the inner and outer aspects of spiritual friendship. The outer aspect is our spiritual companions and teachers. The inner is the spiritual qualities that support us on our way.

During this retreat we will look at how we can cultivate spiritual friendship in our lives:

  • how we can support each other on the path (the outer aspect)
  • how we can use, for example, the five ‘indriya’ (the faculties of faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom) as qualities that can support us moving on, growing, internally
  • how we can also see these qualities as our spiritual companions

Metta (Irene Wulff) was born in 1953 in Germany. She came into contact with the Theravada Buddhist Path in 1991, when she practised at What Suan Mokkh (Ajahn Buddhadasa) in Thailand. In ’93 she joined the monastic Sangha at Amaravati (UK) and was ordained as a Siladhara (Ajahn Metta) in the Thai Forest Sangha (Ajahn Chah) from 1996 to 2017. As a nun she also spent time overseas in India, Sri-Lanka and Thailand as well as the US. For more than 10 years she has been teaching and co-teaching in in the UK, Europe and the US and since 2015 she has been living independently of the Siladhara community. She currently lives in Berlin.

During the retreat, Lucy Ascham will offer some guidance to explore how thoughts affect posture, flow and ease of movement in sitting, walking and resting. There will be optional Alexander Technique sessions, in which words and touch will be offered to cultivate poise in your practice and to learn to be with yourself with awareness, choice and compassion. It’s a chance to get to know yourself in a new and natural way. You will learn to direct your mind-body to enjoy support and efficiency in each moment in some gentle everyday movements. Lucy has three years of training and 14 years of teaching practice using the Alexander Technique to bring to support the retreat.

Booking and payment – booking now closed

Our intention is to make our retreats as accessible as possible to everyone, whatever their financial means.

  • The standard rate covers the cost of the venue, administration and teacher’s travel costs.
  • The supported rate is offered for those whose income is too low to pay the standard rate.


The teaching is offered freely as part of the Insight Meditation tradition. During the retreat you will be invited to make a voluntary contribution (Dana) for the teachings. Please read more about Dana here.