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We offer meditation evenings on alternate Tuesdays online. We offer 2 sessions:

  1. 18.15 – 19.15: particularly for newcomers to meditation, with some instruction and guided meditation
  2. 19.30 – 21:00: for all-comers

Both sessions include sitting and walking meditation, and there are sometimes discussions on a theme connected with meditation practice. You are welcome to come to either or both sessions. No need to book.

Due to coronavirus Tuesday Practice Evenings are online. Same dates, times, structure and facilitators. To join the Zoom group video call, click this link:


You can just view and listen (you’ll need speakers or headphones). For us to hear you, you’ll need a microphone connected (unmute only when speaking). For us to see you, you’ll need a camera connected.

In alternate sessions (led by Julian) we will read a text (or listen to a talk) and discuss.

We are currently reading the book: A Still Forest Pool: The Insight Meditation of Ajahn Chah (Theravadin monk in the Thai Forest tradition. Founder of Chithurst Buddhist Monastery. Teacher of Jack Kornfield) compiled by Jack Kornfield and Paul Breiter

  • Tue 30th June: Simple Path (page 5 in the physical book, search for “Simple Path” in the online A Still Forest Pool)
  • Tue 11th August: The Middle Way (page 6 in the physical book, search for “The Middle Way” in the online A Still Forest Pool)
  • Tue 8th September: Ending Doubt (page 8 in the physical book, search for “Ending Doubt” in the online A Still Forest Pool)