Books, online learning, retreat centres & other groups


Online learning

There is a wealth of internet resources for engaging in study and practice. The following selection may be of interest:

Introduction to Insight Meditation a six week course by Jake Dartington

World Wide Insight a weekly online Dharma practice group. Each Sunday, renowned Insight Meditation teachers offer meditation instruction, teachings, and live Q&A on video.

Dharmaseed is an online collection of talks from Insight Meditation centres worldwide.  It’s possible to search by talks/teachers/retreats.

Awakening Joy a five month experiential course from James Baraz to develop your natural capacity for well-being.

Triycle online courses offer online meditation courses.

Spirit Rock Meditation Centre runs a number of online courses. 

As does the Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies

Retreat Centres, Groups etc

Buddhist Meditation Centres – UK

Bristol Insight Meditation run day-long retreats and a weekly meditation group.

London Insight Meditation offers day retreats, workshops, courses and more.

Oxford Insight Meditation run day-long retreats.

Freely Given Retreats offer weeklong and daylong retreats for no charge, instead inviting you to donate what you can

The Sharpham Trust in Devon, provides opportunities for meditation, yoga, and shorter retreats.

The Satipanya Buddhist Trust run retreats in Powys, Wales, in the Mahasi tradition of Theravadan Buddhism.

Amaravati Buddhist monastery in Hertfordshire follows the Thai Forest tradition of Buddhism.

Chithurst monastery in West Sussex – a branch monastery of Amaravati.

Buddhist Meditation Centres – Europe

Moulin de Chaves Meditation Centre in South-West France.

Solitary Meditation Retreats in Portugal.

Beatenberg Meditation Centre in Switzerland.

Nirodha organises a meditation group and insight meditation retreats in Helsinki, Finland.

Buddhist Meditation Centres/Networks – USA and Australia

Spirit Rock in California, USA.

Insight Meditation Society based in Massachusets, USA including the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

Australian Network for Insight Meditation and Dharma Practice

Buddhist Organisations & Networks

Bodhi College  – an educational centre for meditative learning, providing in-depth courses in the study and practice of Early Buddhism

Sanghaseva offers opportunities for socially-engaged Buddhism.

You can find out about the work of Buddhist prison chaplains through the organisation Angulimala.

The Karuna Institute, on Dartmoor runs courses in Core Process Psychotherapy – informed by Buddhist teachings – and also runs occasional retreats.

Find out about Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Exeter University: Postgraduate training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches.

Buddhanet provides a world-wide directory of Buddhist organisations.

The very exciting, UK based, Mindfulness in Schools Project.